In the “Game of Shows,” the North reigns supreme

Canadians dominate the 2019 EDI West, as Justice and Cassius Chay take top honors in the Showgirl and Newcomer Divisions2019 EDI West 74

It may be a contest that was born in the US, but two girls from North of the border didn’t need any dire wolves or Valyrian steel to win the top prizes at the 2019 EDI (Exotic Dancer Invitational) West. More specifically, two Canadians—Justice and Cassius Chay—won the Showgirl and Newcomer Divisions respectively at the 2019 EDI West, was held April 25-27 at Bucks Wild Dallas, Bucks Cabaret Ft. Worth and Bucks Cabaret Dallas.

Justice, who previously won the EDI West’s premier division in 2015 on her way to an automatic ED’s Entertainer of the Year Award nomination, bested a competitive Showgirl Division that also included First Runner-Up Bellzora and Second Runner-Up Lady Sirene. While Bellzora’s well-choreographed and dynamic “Vampire” show and Lady Sirene’s burlesque set that showcased an impressive “silks” segment. As the winner of the EDI West 2019’s Showgirl Division, Justice once again becomes an automatic nominee for the ED’s Entertainer of the Year Award and will perform in Las Vegas at EXPO Awards Show on August 13th.

“I worked really hard to bring my vision to reality—over six months of choreography, musicality, costuming, props, and training my body,” says Justice, who utilized impressive execution on Roman rings to wow the crowds and judges during her “Voodoo” show at the EDI West. “I’m elated that it all paid off! I’m excited to show the entire industry that even though it’s been four years since my last (Entertainer of the Year) nomination, I’ve still got it!”

In the Newcomer Division, the competition was as fierce as ever as three entertainers—Cassius Chay, Pixie Raye and Michelle Lynn—all put on show-stopping sets on Finals night at Bucks Cabaret Dallas. In the end, it was the “artistic” flair of Cassius Chay’s fluid, art-themed performance that bested Pixie Raye’s magnetic “Matrix” show (First Runner-Up) and Michelle Lynn’s acrobatic “Road Warrior” set (Second Runner-Up).

“It was a great accomplishment for me. I have been working so hard at becoming the best dancer I can be, it was really exhilarating for me to win!” says Cassius Chay, who had never competed in a US showgirl competition prior to the 2019 EDI West. “Just being a part of the EDI reassured me that I am doing the right thing with my career. I’m happy to make others happy, bring energetic authenticity, and most of all, have fun!”

For the first time in the event’s six-year history, the EDI was held at three different clubs on three consecutive nights. The Newcomer Division competed at Bucks Wild Dallas, the Showgirl Division was showcased at Bucks Cabaret in Ft. Worth, and the Finals of the EDI West were held at Bucks Cabaret Dallas.  

The 2019 EDI West’s Showgirl Division was rounded out by Shay Lynn, Mila DeLuna and the UK’s Dinah Might. The Newcomer Division also included Alexandra Belle, Cali Marie and Alice Wanderlust. EDI West 2018 Showgirl Winner Angela Sommers performed special guest shows on Friday and Saturday night, showing everyone exactly why she’s been one of the industry’s top showgirl entertainers for the past five years.

The following “Mini Titles” were presented at the 2019 EDI West:

Most Original Show Mila DeLuna
Most Ambitious Performer Alexandra Belle
Most Extreme Show Shay Lynn
Best Dancer Justice
Best Costume Shay Lynn
Hottest Body Bellzora
Audience Favorite Dinah Might
Best Overall Show Justice

“Being at three different clubs on three consecutive nights made this the most unique EDI contest to date,” says EDI Producer and Founder, Dave Manack. “Huge thanks go out to all of the Bucks staff, especially “Rich” Richardson and Jimmy Edwards. And of course, this would not have been possible without Bucks Cabaret club chain owner, Curtis Wise!”

The EDI West was emceed by “The Voice,” Bobby Mac, and was co-produced by Dave Manack and Lexi Lamour. The EDI stage crew was headed by Rob Aiken, assisted by Thomas Hooks.

The 2019 EDI East will be held at Jerry Westlund’s Pony Club in Memphis, June 5-7. For more information on the EDI contests, visit or call ED Publications at (727) 726-3592.

Shar Zayn and Heather Heaven steal the show at 2019 EDI East in Memphis

EDI East held at Jerry Westlund’s Pony Club in “Grind City,” June 5-7

EDI 2019 east 101In what was easily one of the most competitive EDI (Exotic Dancer Invitational) contests since its inception in 2014, this year’s EDI East at the Pony Club in Memphis (June 5-7) showcased a finals night that will surely go down as one of the EDI’s most memorable. When the smoke finally cleared, the stunningly acrobatic Shar Zayn edged out 2018 ED’s Entertainer of the Year Natasha Nova and Janine Jericho to win the EDI East’s Showgirl Division and garnered an automatic nomination for this year’s ED’s Entertainer of the Year Award. In the equally competitive Newcomer Division, a fiery show from Canadian beauty Heather Heaven bested Bailey Fox and Stacia Dianna to take top honors and an automatic nomination for ED’s Newcomer of the Year Award.

“Winning the Showgirl Division was one of my goals for this year; I only asked God to give me the opportunity to show everyone what I can do,” says Shar Zayn. “Since I won (the EDI East) Newcomer Division in 2018, I worked very hard to be able to achieve this goal. I feel very honored to have competed with the best in the United States and internationally. I loved the experience! Being nominated for ED’s Entertainer of the Year is a great honor, especially to have achieved this great nomination in such a short period of time. I have no words to describe the emotions I’m feeling!”

“I watched the audience’s and judges reactions throughout Finals night, and I saw gasps and cheers and standing ovations,” says EDI Producer and ED Publications Associate Publisher, Dave Manack. “Each of our Showgirl Division competitors brought amazing shows and unbelievable energy to the stage, and everyone in the club seemed to feel it. In the end, Shar Zayn’s jaw-dropping acrobatics and powerful stage presence was enough to top Natasha Nova (First Runner-Up) and Janine Jericho (Second Runner-Up), both of whom are incredible performers.”

This was the second time and EDI East competition was held at a Jerry-Westlund-owned club; the first was the EDI East in 2017 at the Pony Club in Indianapolis. Westlund is a long-time supporter of “showgirl” feature entertainers, and has booked them steadily in his clubs for two decades.

“We thoroughly enjoy partnering with Jerry on our EDI contests,” says Manack. “His staff and entertainers appreciate showgirl feature entertainment, and the Pony Club Memphis was no exception. General manager Stephanie Wilbanks, Heaven the house mom and the rest of the staff were incredibly helpful and played instrumental roles in having a great three-day EDI event.”

Of course, Westlund is ever the showman, and to add a bit of flair to the EDI he brought in “political celebrity” Roger Stone, best-selling author and political strategist who’s worked for every Republican presidential campaign (including Donald Trump), dating back to Richard Nixon. Stone was accompanied by Kristin Davis, known as the “Manhattan Madam,” a former madam who was famous for running a high-end prostitution ring in New York City. ED Publisher Don Waitt was in attendance, as was RCI Hospitality’s (Rick’s Cabaret) Chairman, President and CEO, Eric Langan.

In addition to Shar Zayn, Natasha Nova and Janine Jericho, several other very talented feature entertainers rounded out the impressive Showgirl Division. This list of showgirls includes Annie Lane, Bambi Wilde, Blake Monroe, Ms. Parker, Lori Lane and Ruby Ryder. The Newcomer Division boasted the talents of Bailey Fox (First Runner-Up), Stacia Dianna (Second Runner-Up), Raven Kali, Aerial Leigh and Angel Marie. Aria Moon, winner of the EDI East 2017’s Showgirl Division, provided a dynamic guest performance on Finals night, demonstrating exactly why she is a former ED’s Entertainer of the Year nominee.

“What a beautiful whirlwind of a weekend!” says Heather Heaven, winner of the Newcomer Division. “To compete internationally for the first time and take home top honors in my division, I am elated! I felt so grateful for the opportunity to perform at the gorgeous Pony Club Memphis, thank you Jerry Westlund! The stage crew were so on point, helpful and patient. And thank you to Dave Manack and (EDI co-producer) Lexi Lamour for making this all possible for us showgirls!”

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Most Original Show: Annie Lane

Most Ambitious Performer: Ms. Parker

Most Extreme Show: Shar Zayn

Best Dancer: Heather Heaven

Best Costume: Janine Jericho

Hottest Body: Shar Zayn

Audience Favorite: Bambi Wilde

Best Overall Show: Natasha Nova

Hayla Faye and SharZayn crowned winners of the EDI West 2022’s Starlet & Showgirl Divisions

Held April 7-9 at Bucks Cabaret and Bucks Wild in Dallas, 18 of the industry’s top feature entertainers competed for cash and industry titles!

EDI winners 2022In its triumphant return after a three-year COVID-related hiatus, the Annual Exotic Dancer Invitational — the EDI — was held this past April 7-9 at Bucks Cabaret and Bucks Wild in Dallas. The EDI remains the most elite showgirl dance competition in the world, and is held twice each year (East & West) as Showgirls (girls with more than four years of feature touring experience) and Starlets (girls with fewer than four years of experience) present competition-level shows over the course of three nights.

And speaking of competition, the final scores have rarely been quite as close as they were in Dallas this year, as only a handful of points separated reigning EDI Entertainer of the Year SharZayn from fellow Showgirl competitors Michelle Lynn (First Runner-Up) and BJ McNaughty (Second Runner-Up). In the Starlet Division, Hayla Faye wowed the crowd on Starlet and Finals nights, taking top honors in the Starlet Division ahead of Nia Nebula (First Runner-Up) and Natalia Skye (Second Runner-Up).

“The return of the EDI’s definitely did not disappoint,” says Kristofer Kay, ED Publications’ Director of Marketing and EDI on-site co-producer. “Each entertainer exemplified what feature entertainment is all about by displaying their individual talents and unique abilities for three exciting nights. From the acrobats to the pole performers to the high-energy girls who tore up the dance floor, there was a performer for everyone who packed both Bucks clubs.”

The success of the EDI contests has as much to do with the host club, its owners and staff, and Bucks Cabaret is certainly no exception. Owners Curtis Wise and Kevin “Rich Richardson,” Scott Discianno, Lissandro Torres, Jimmy Edwards, and Bucks DJs Jeff, Jimmy Jam, and Toro were all amazing hosts

The Showgirl Division was truly a battle, as Michelle Lynn’s ‘Pharoah’ almost dethroned SharZayn’s Mortal Kombat routine. Justice and BJ McNaughty provided the comedy and hijinx with their ‘Ghostbusters’ and circus routines respectively, and of course no BJ McNaughty performance is complete without someone getting a pie in the face! (This time it was longtime industry photographer Richard Kent who took the … honors?)

Cali Marie’s show was a dedication to Prince, complete with a shower routine set to Purple Rain, while Newcomer Hayla Faye’s stranded alien routine showcased her gymnastics background as she hand-walked clear across the stage and executed a dramatic 18-foot drop from one of the Bucks Cabaret poles.

Other shows included Natalia Skye’s ‘Gangster’ performance, Nia Nebula’s ‘Old Las Vegas,’ Bambi Wilde’s ‘Valkyrie,’ Molly Jane’s ‘Indiana Jones’ theme and Raven Kali’s high-energy ‘Michael Jackson’ show. The EDI West lineup also included exciting performances from Pixie Raye, Mila DeLuna, Janine Jericho, Dani Steel, Koyotee J Von Diva, Dani Steele, Farley Lynn and Hannah Doll.

“With hospitality provided by club partners like the Bucks chain and rising quality of entertainers emerging, the EDIs will continue to serve as the most prestigious feature tournament in the US,” Kay says. “Of course none of this could be made possible without the help of EDI Founder and ED Publications Publisher, Dave Manack, EDI show producer, Lexi Lamour, Stage Manager Rob Aiken, and all of our competing entertainers. We’ll see everyone next month in Huntsville for the EDI East!”

The following  Mini Titles  were presented at the 2022 EDI West:

Michelle Lynn - Hottest Body
Justice -  Most Original Show
Nia Nebula - Best Costume
BJ McNaughty - Most Ambitious Show
SharZayn - Best Overall Show,
Most Extreme Show
Bambi Wilde - Best Dancer
Hayla Faye - Audience Favorite

Ms Parker and Ella Hotwheels “blast off ” as winners of the EDI East 2022 ’s Showgirl and Starlet Divisions

Held May 25-27 at Pony Too, Scores and Pony Bama in Huntsville, the industry’s top feature entertainers competed for cash and industry titles!

EDI ewinners 2022
In its triumphant return after a three-year COVID-related hiatus, the Annual Exotic Dancer Invitational — the EDI — was held this past May 25-27 at Jerry Westlund’s Pony Clubs (Pony Too, Scores, Pony Bama) in Huntsville. The EDI remains the most elite showgirl dance competition in the world, and is held twice each year (East & West) as Showgirls (girls with more than four years of feature touring experience) and Starlets (girls with fewer than four years of experience) present competition-level shows over the course of three nights.

In the Showgirl Division, several acts were neck-and-neck as the scores were tallied, but only three performers — Ms. Parker, Katie Sutra and Angel Beau — would move on to the finals. Though the scores were ultimately very close, it was Ms. Parker who would take home the title of EDI East Showgirl Champion with her out-of-this-world “Astronaut” show (fitting for “Rocket City”), a show that bested First Runner-Up Katie Sutra’s “Charlie Chaplin” set and a routine by Second Runner-Up Angel Beau that would earn her the “Most Extreme Show” mini-title.

“I am so honored to have won EDI East Showgirl Division,” says Ms. Parker. “When I first started featuring I had set a few goals for myself. So far I have been knocking them out left and right. My first EDI was in 2018 and I ended up winning EDI West Newcomer Division ‘18. This has been my third EDI and second time competing in the Showgirl Division. I am so proud of everything I have been able to accomplish these last four years. I am also excited to see what the future will bring!”
As the EDI East 2022 Champion and First Runner-Up, Ms. Parker and Katie Sutra will join EDI West 2022 Champion and First Runner-Up SharZayn and Michelle Lynn in Las Vegas as these four entertainers compete for the EDI 2022 Overall Champion title. The four entertainers are slated to compete on Sunday, August 14, at Deja Vu Showgirls in Las Vegas, at the EDI 2022 Final. The top two scoring entertainers will move on to perform during the ED’s Awards Show on Tuesday, August 16, at the Criss Angel Theater at Planet Hollywood, where the EDI 2022 Overall Champion will be announced.

In the Starlet Division, several brand new faces graced the stage on May 25 at Pony Too, but only three entertainers — Ella Hotwheels, Delilah Deluxxx and Bailey Fox — would move on to the finals. With a roller-skating show that rocked the crowd, it was Ella Hotwheels who would take home the title of EDI East Starlet Champion. Ella bested First Runner-Up Delilah Deluxxx’s “Cleopatra” set and a routine by Second Runner-Up Bailey Fox that would earn her the “Audience Favorite” mini-title.

As the winners of the EDI East and West Starlet Division, Ella Hotwheels and Hayla Faye will perform live at the EXPO’s Opening Night Party on Monday, August 15, at the Hustler Club Vegas.

“It was an honor to compete at the EDI East,” says Ella Hotwheels, who competed in her very first EDI in 2022. “Jerry’s high energy clubs pulled out all the stops hosting us. I loved skating on those stages and I’m so proud to be the EDI East Starlet Champion! My motto: Do what you love and people will love you for it!”

Several other entertainers competed at the 2022 EDI East, including: In the Showgirl Division, the duo of Fire & Ice (Janine Jericho and Hayla Faye), Blake Monroe, DinahMight, and Lori Lane; in the Starlet Division, Lana Mae, Raychel Revolver, Alysia Clarke, and Venom Rose.

The 2022 EDI East was co-produced by Lexi Lamour and assisted by Kevin Pennington, with stage production by Rob Aiken and assistance by Justin of Pony Too. The Official 2022 EDI East Apparel was sponsored by

The success of the EDI contests has as much to do with the host club, its owners and staff, and The Pony Clubs are certainly no exception. Owner Jerry Westlund, along with assistance from Stephanie Wilbanks, Garret Hamilton, GMs Zak Phillips, Jason Gee and Dane Hansen, and our “voice” of the EDI East Jeb Jarrell, provided an amazing experience for the 2022 EDI East.
“It’s always a party when Jerry Westlund is involved, but we also know that everything will run smoothly and that all of our competing entertainers will have an amazing experience,” says ED Publisher Dave Manack, who is also the EDI founder and co-producer. “It was great to see some amazing performances at this year’s EDI East, and we’re excited to see what a new generation of feature entertainers can bring to the industry.”

The following  Mini Titles  were presented at the 2022 EDI East:

Lana Mae — Hottest Body
Ella Hotwheels — Most Original Show
Delilah Deluxxx — Best Costume
Fire & Ice Duo (Janine Jericho
& Hayla Faye) — Most Ambitious Show
Angel Beau — Most Extreme Show
Ms. Parker — Best Dancer
Bailey Fox — Audience Favorite
Katie Sutra — Best Overall Show

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