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ED Publications, producers of the Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO, celebrates the “return of the showgirl” by introducing two national, invitation-only feature dance contests 
The “showgirl” is the life’s blood of touring feature entertainment.  The best of the best in the exotic showgirls arena are honored each year with the presentation of EXOTIC DANCER’s “Overall Entertainer of the Year” Award at the Annual ED’s Awards in Las Vegas during the Gentlemen’s Club EXPO.  

To enhance the prestige of this National Award and to insure that the most qualified applicants all have a shot at the title, ED Publications, producer of the EXPO, the Annual ED’s Awards and the bimonthly Club Bulletin magazine, is launching a new national contest series in 2014 —the Annual EXOTIC DANCER Invitationals.  

This feature dance contest will be held twice a year — once in the West (EDI—West) and once in the East (EDI—East) — with the winners of each contest filling two of the four nominee slots for the ED’s “Overall Feature Entertainer of the Year” Award.  (The official titles they will earn will be EDI’s 2014 Showgirl Champion-East and EDI’s 2014 Showgirl Champion-West.) There will also be a “newcomer” division, vying for the title EDI’s 2014 Showgirl Newcomer (East and West). These “Invitationals” will also provide the top showgirls with an additional asset: The opportunity to earn valuable contest titles from the industry’s trade publication to help enhance their feature entertainer careers. There will be cash prizes for the top three finishers. 

“The days of the magazine models are long gone, so the only real opportunity for ‘showgirls’ to build their credits as feature entertainers is through high-end and selective dance contests,” says ED Publications’ Associate Publisher, Dave Manack. “Our company is going to bring the same standards of professionalism that we bring each year to our Annual EXPO and Awards Show to these EXOTIC DANCER Invitationals. And, as indicated by the word ‘Invitational,’ we will only be inviting the best of the best to compete for the main and mini titles.Ultimately, through these contests, we will be telling club owners which showgirls are the ones they want to book in their clubs.”

There is no fee for the contestants to participate.  Contestants will receive complimentary hotel accommodations and transportation to and from the host club.Target dates for the 2014 EXOTIC DANCER Invitationals are early April 2014 to late May (host clubs TBA). Entertainers interested in competing in the Exotic Dancer Invitationals are encouraged to call ED Publications at (727) 726-3592.

Host club information

We’re going to be making stars out of two adult nightclubs —
Will your club be one of them?

The “showgirl” competitors in our two 2014 Exotic Dancer Invitationals (EDIs) aren’t the only ones we’ll be making stars out of.  Our two event host clubs—one in the west, one in the east—will be stars as well.
There is no other dance competition in the adult nightclub industry that will exude the level of prestige that will be enjoyed by the Exotic Dancer Invitationals, and only two adult nightclubs in the nation will be able to say they hosted this truly selective contests reserved for the most elite feature entertainers.

The question is, will your club be that club?

“So, what is cost for hosting the EDIs?”

The host fee for this prestigious dance contest, including 16 of the industry’s top feature entertainers for a three-day event, is $25,000. This event will be produced, from start to finish, by ED Publications (please see the following pages for complete event information).

“What do I receive for my event hosting fee?”

Our two Exotic Dancer Invitational host clubs will receive well over $9,000 worth of advertising in the ED Club Bulletin and the ED Publications’ websites, as well as complimentary Expo badges and ED’s Awards show tickets.

What you can’t put a price on, however, is the amount of coverage these contests will receive in the pages of our magazine, on our websites and social media pages, in national and regional adult media outlets, and at the 2014 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO.  When we announce two of the Entertainer of the Year Award nominees from the ED’s Awards Show stage (the entertainers who win the EDI-East and EDI-West titles), your club will be mentioned in the same breath. In short, all facets of the industry—owners, GMs, DJs, club staff, entertainers and industry pros—will know which two top adult nightclubs are the hosts of the 2014 Exotic Dancer Invitationals.

We will make stars out of our host clubs.

The question is, will your club be one of them?

Click this link to download the Exotic Dancer Invitational event hosting details!

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