EDI2017RKent 103 of 26Jerry Westlund’s Pony Club in Indianapolis played host to the 4th Annual EXOTIC DANCER Invitational East, April 6-8

In a competition that was a fierce as any in the event’s history, Aria Moon bested a talented group in the Showgirl Division with her “Marionette” show to win the crown, the cash and the title, as well as an automatic nomination for ED’s Overall Entertainer of the Year Award. The EDI East First Runner-Up Angela Sommers graced the stage with her beauty and seamless performance, while Second Runner-Up Natasha Nova offered two ambitious and alluring shows for Friday’s Semi-Finals and Saturday’s Finals.

In the Newcomer Division, Canada’s Victoria Drive delivered an entertaining and acrobatic “Super Mario” show that vaulted her to the top spot, as she also earned the crown, the cash and the Newcomer Division title. Victoria will also be an automatic nominee for the ED’s Newcomer of the Year Award. Other top performances were delivered by First Runner-Up Annie Lane and Second Runner-Up Lori Lane.

“The scores have never been closer and the performances have rarely been better,” says EDI Founder and Producer Dave Manack, also the Associate Publisher for ED Publications. “We’re so proud to have a group of entertainers like this represent the EDI contest and the ‘showgirl’ industry at large. We also must point out the incredible hospitality shown by Pony Club owner Jerry Westlund and his entire staff at the club. Jerry has supported ‘showgirl’ feature entertainment for decades, so having the EDI at his club made all the sense in the world.”

“The performance level and the amount of creativity that went into these shows was amazing—as good or better than I've ever seen," says Pony Club chain owner Jerry Westlund. "There are clubs out there that don’t take advantage of this type of entertainment and that don’t book features as showcases, even for their own entertainers, and that's a big mistake as far as I’m concerned. I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw. The shows, the costumes and the performances were phenomenal. I booked many of the performers that I’ve seen. It was a great show!"
Several Mini-Titles were also awarded at the EDI East. They included:
Hottest Body: Angela Sommers; Best Costume: Lori Lane (“Elvis” show); Most Extreme Show: Trinity Turner (fire show); Audience Favorite: Natasha Nova; Most Ambitious Performer: Liza Lust (“Broadway” show); Best Dancer: Aria Moon; Most Original Show: Natasha Nova (“Bell-Hop” show); Best Overall Show: Justice (“Wizard of Oz” show).
"There are three competitions that have helped to make me the performer I am today; they are Stripperfest/Stripperpalooza, Nudes-a-Poppin and of course, the Exotic Dancer Invitationals. The EDIs and Exotic Dancer Publications are paragons of integrity in this industry. I'm beyond proud and honored to have been a part of it these past few years!" - Showgirl Division Winner, Aria Moon
Judges for the EDI East included adult nightclub owners Charles and Darren Bass (Babe’s Cabaret); Bill Levin, “Grand Poobah” of The First Church of Cannabis; and legendary showgirl Suzanne the Dance Machine, who trained over 800 feature entertainers over two decades.
"I'm still somewhat in disbelief that I won the EDI's Newcomer Division! I am honored and thrilled to have this title and I look forward to seeing everyone at the EXPO in Las Vegas!" - Newcomer Division Winner, Victoria Drive

There are two EDI competitions each year—East and West—and the EDI West is slated for Platinum 84 in Denver, June 22-24. For more information on the EDI contests, please visit www.theEDIs.com, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (727) 726-3592. Click here to see all the photos from the 2017 EDI East
west EDIs2017 38EDI West contest “Returned to the Rockies” at Platinum 84 in Denver, June 22-24

For the second straight year, award-winning club Platinum 84 in Denver hosted the EDI (Exotic Dancer Invitational) West contest, the top and most selective “showgirl” entertainer competition. Two divisions — “Showgirl” and “Newcomer” — performed in Semi-Finals and Finals before a packed crowd for three nights, June 22nd through the 24th. On Finals night, Natasha Nova bested the Showgirl Division to take that title and an automatic ED’s Overall Entertainer of the Year nomination, while Portland’s Juliette Electrique topped the Newcomer Division (feature entertainers who have been competing for two years or less) to take that title.

“It’s still extremely surreal that I won EDI West,” says Natasha Nova. “I’ve wanted this and have been working so hard to better myself as a dancer, but it’s amazing how much I’ve accomplished in a short time. This is my third year in a row winning an EDI title. I’m so proud to be in the running for Overall Entertainer of the Year!”

Showgirl Division competitors included Nova and fellow division finalists Janine Jericho and Simone Danalustrous, as well as top entertainers Justice, Roxi D’Lite and Jesabella Marie. Newcomer Division competitors included Juliette and fellow division finalists BJ McNaughty and Blake Monroe, as well as Ivizia Dakini, Reya Sunshine and Mila Deluna.

“The organizers and competitors of EDI West raised the bar this year, solidifying the event’s growing reputation as the premier showgirl competition in the country,” says Platinum 84 owner, Scott Richter. “Platinum 84 shares EDI’s commitment to high-octane entertainment and was thrilled to offer this awesome spectacle to our guests.”

There was also a bit of controversy during the EDI West, as Justice performed a “Heaven & Hell” set that began with her dressed as a nun. She then transformed into a “devil” and was “exorcised,” eventually becoming an “angel” as her set closed. A few EDI judges were offended by her set and gave Justice a very low score (a “1” to be exact) in the category that scores “Costume and Theme” (though they scored her very high in the other categories). Even Pony Club chain owner Jerry Westlund, who hosted the EDI East at his Pony Club in Indianapolis and also attended the EDI West, questioned the theme and said that Justice’s show “would offend a third of my customers.”
Justice, however, suggests that the judges (and, potentially, the customers), completely missed the point she was trying to get across.
“I knew I was taking a risk with my show, but as an artist and entertainer it’s my job not only to push boundaries but to connect with and entertain my audience,” she says. “My show represented that we are all children of god no matter the name of your god (represented by my nun), that we all have a dark side (my devil) and we all have good in us (my angel). I wanted to show the transitions we all go through in each of our lives. But what makes my show so controversial is that I began my show in a nun habit. So I ask, what made people in a strip club feel offended? Was it just the symbolism that each character represented? If my show hit a nerve within you, that shows where your open mindedness has ceased. And in my opinion I have done my job, because I made you think!”

In addition to the “main titles,” several mini-titles were also awarded at the EDI West. They included:
Hottest Body: Reya Sunshine; Best Costume: Janine Jericho (“Frozen” show); Most Extreme Show: Ivizia Dakini (fire show); Audience Favorite: Natasha Nova; Most Ambitious Performer: Justice (“Heaven & Hell” show); Best Dancer: Simone Danalustrous; Most Original Show: Justice (“Heaven & Hell” show); Best Overall Show: Roxi D’Lite
Special thanks to EDI co-producer Lexi Lamour, assistant producer Kristofer Kay, EDI emcee Bobby Mac, photographers Richard Kent and Ricky Rich, head stage assistant Rob Aiken and overall contest assistants Dane Hansen and Lacey Rain. Thanks to EDI East 2017 winner Aria Moon & Lacey Rain for their special guest performances. Finally, special thanks also to Platinum 84 owner Scott Richter, GM Dave Peacock and the entire Platinum staff for all of their assistance in producing another successful EDI West contest.
There are two EDI competitions each year—East and West—and the next EDI contests will be held starting in Spring 2018. For more information on the EDI contests, please visit www.theEDIs.com, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (727) 726-3592. Click here to see all the photos from the 2017 EDI East